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We started out as Maeda BJJ in 2014, led by Founder and Head Coach Damien Mulgrave. From that we transitioned to SBG Belfast on 31st October 2015, when we were officially opened by SBG Ireland – Head Coach, Jon Kavanagh. Being a part of SBG Belfast’s community also makes you a part of a larger global community of Straight Blast Gym International, whose competitors can be seen in the UFC, TUF and some of the biggest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition stages, you will be part of the best martial arts organisation in the world. Within our curriculum we include Martial Arts such as Gi/NoGi Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing/Striking, Judo, Kickboxing, Muai Thai, Wrestling as well as softer activities such as Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Movement Classes and Sports Massage. We encourage and coach everyone to get involved in Mixed Martial Arts, our programmes are designed from the age of 4 years old upwards with Cheeky Monkeys, Growing Gorillas, Teens MMA moving into Adult Classes, mentioned above.



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Pay as you go class : €10

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Students discount: Yes, Valid Student ID required




Joy's Entry, 30 Ann St, Belfast BT1 4DR, UK

085 1484462 (Ireland +353)

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